Improving our interaction with Web3

Improving our interaction with Web3

Improving our interaction with Web3


I have recently started working on a few Web3 projects and have started to look at it closely and understand how this can truly impact the next generation of Internet. While the next generation of the internet has already started rolling out, we need to catch up with it by providing solutions and workflows that best suits them. So, what exactly do I mean by this?
After analysing behaviour and user patterns of people who use Web3 services, websites, etc.. I have started coming up with a few ideas on how we can utilise the web to integrate these services and make it part of our eco-system.

The thought of owning something digital (NFT) fascinates me and I have thought of a workflow which could be part of the next generation of Web!

Web3 x NFT Optimisation -

Going to a NFT marketplace website and buying something is cool but what if we could directly buy something that we see online without googling what it is. A seamless workflow that will allow anyone to look up any NFT that they see online. I think you are already starting to get a few ideas on how to execute this workflow and what the ideal scenario can be but if you ask me it involves introducing a new line of code into HTML which could go something like <nft src=“url”>

Workflow -

Its quite simple, you right click on something you like and you see a new option now which could be purchase NFT or view NFT and you are taken to the respective NFT marketplace and find out more details about the NFT like the name of the artist, price & more. This saves time and effort for people who just want to get something really quick or buy something from someone else without searching for it manually.

The Future -

With the introduction of Metaverse, NFT, etc Web3 is definitely starting to look promising. Web3 is quickly changing how we interact with people and things online or how we purchase and own something. If you are a Product Designer then I highly suggest learning about Web3, NFTs, Cryptos, etc because this is where we are heading towards and companies would want to hire someone who already understands these things.